The Bible
”People perish due to lack of  knowledge”


At Food for Purpose we believe that people need to be equipped for their purpose in life. Being educated about nutrition and health not only empowers communities – but it sets in place behaviours which can be modelled in families and become – common practice.  The faith community is an ideal environment for health education. Food for Purpose supports churches and other faith groups with health related modules that are relevant to the faith, ethnicity and cultural aspects that underpin daily living.

Our vast portfolio of half day and one day seminars cover the following areas for men and women’s health:

  • Heart Health

  • Living with Diabetes

  • Salt and your health

  • Sugar and your health

  • Fibre and your Health

  • Staying Hydrated

These are also available in a bespoke package – contact us for more details

We also deliver packages for parents and children:

  • Sugarmama – curbing excess sugar in childhood

  • Fitkid – a fun package for children to be more active and learn about food and nutrition

Our courses are run flexibly to meet your specific needs. Our training ‘needs assessment tool’  will help you to determine this if you are unsure.  We deliver training at your local worship centre or alternative sites. We also work with schools to deliver after school club activities and short courses to support key nutritional health messages.