Our Team


Shola Oladipo

Food for Purpose is pioneered by Shola Oladipo – a registered Dietitian and member of the British Dietetic Association (BDA) with over 20 years of experience working across the National Health Service & in the nutrition industry. Shola is also a doctoral researcher at the university of Coventry studying health and faith interactions in the Black African – Caribbean church community. She is also a conference speaker, writer, presenter and expert advisor on nutritional health and faith. Shola also serves in a Pastoral role in within the Pentecostal church. She firmly believes that the 'pulpit' is the perfect place for sharing a sound, evidence based and culturally relevant health message. Shola encourages believers to balance faith and health in order to fulfil their purpose in life.



Modupe Peters is a registered dietitian with over 16 years working in the NHS. She is a Diabetes expert with vast experience working in hospitals and in the community with BME populations, especially Black African - Caribbeans. She is a member of the BDA and the Diabetes Specialist group.  As one of the Directors, Modupe supports the clinical content of FFP modules and materials, as well as supporting workshops, seminars and training sessions. She is a conference speaker and author.


MOTTIE omideyi (governance lead)

Mottie Omideyi has a vast wealth of experience of working with people from diverse backgrounds. With over 19 years in the NHS working in Finance and Human Resources, she is well versed in organisational management. As a director at FFP she oversees the governance and compliance aspects of the business. This includes leading on developing business procedures, policies, and the important aspect of health and safety.  Mottie is also a mentor and runs a youth mentoring organisation.


precious oladipo (exercise & fitness lead)

Precious Oladipo is an exercise science graduate and qualified personal trainer, with experience of working with adults and children. She has a special interest in cardiac health and childhood obesity, and delivers exercise on prescription as part of NHS GP referral schemes. She is a member of the British Association of Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Rehabilitation (BACPR) . As a Director in the FFP team - she is responsible for developing and delivering the physical activity component of the Healthy Church Initiative, clinical content of FFP modules and materials, as well as supporting workshops, seminars and training sessions.

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florence balogun (support worker’s lead)

Florence Balogun works as a Director in the FFP team, she oversees the volunteers and health champions - who play a vital role in supporting and delivering the Healthy Church Initiative. Florence has a vast knowledge and expertise in delivering client focussed services in the housing, health and social care sector. She seeks to help clients reach their maximum health potential. Florence is a nurse trainee in the mental health field.


kemi olusegun (finance director)

Kemi Olusegun is the finance Director at FFP. With years of experience managing income and budgets in the private and public sector.She keenly manages the income and expenditure of the company, whilst supporting the team in managing financial planning. Kemi has a love of numbers and brings rigour, expert advice and insight to ensure the financial health of the company.