Health and Faith

Having a faith is a central part of life for the believer. Faith in God is a precious and purposeful part of life. The richness of our faith coupled with our purpose is what gives our life meaning here on earth. The power of our faith confessions help us get through and prevail in many circumstances. It is important to note that faith alone will not keep us in good health. We must also work at it! Besides their religious propagations; faith groups commonly provide strong support and welfare networks to their members, thus being a useful vehicle for engagement in various initiatives.

Positive Confessions

The words we speak are power and life and we are encouraged in to profess these. However, faith without works are dead. It is important in our faith communities that we not only speak the Word but also walk it.

We provide solutions for Faith groups

At Food for Purpose we encourage faith organisations to embrace their faith and apply diligent steps in staying healthy. This way we can be a blessing to our community, our families and fulfill our God given purpose in good health.

Food for Purpose provide solutions to faith groups. We educate and empower congregations to make beneficial food and lifestyle choices that will extend healthy lives, allowing people to fulfill their purpose in life – as well as influencing choices of future generations and alleviating the pressure exerted upon the National Health Service.

Our case studies and community interactions with BME faith groups - especially in churches; show that the faith community is ideal for positive changes in nutritional health.

Black Minority Ethnic Faith groups

The BME communities – especially Afro Caribbean and Asians are at higher risk of certain nutrition related diseases namely – obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and kidney disease. In a large proportion of cases these diseases may be avoidable with the correct dietary and lifestyle changes in place. The issues for BME communities are not just related to food but also to practices and beliefs which are not addressed or acknowledged by mainstream healthcare services. With specific targeted messages and activities, tailored resources and appropriate interactions it is possible to improve nutritional health.

Our services and activities can positively impact BME faith groups, in particular by understanding the educational needs of families and communities and teaching them to make beneficial choices about what, when and how they eat – and the effect this has on their health. By making healthy choices about nutritional health – communities can live longer and fulfil their purpose in life.

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