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About The CEO

Food for Purpose is pioneered by Shola Oladipo – a State registered Dietitan with over 20 years of experience working with patients & in the nutrition industry.

Shola also serves in a Pastoral role in within the Pentecostal church. As part of the leadership, she preaches and teaches across a variety of audiences.
She firmly believes that the 'pulpit' is the perfect place for sharing a sound, evidence based and culturally relevant health health message.

Shola encourages believers to balance their faith and health in such way that they can fulfill their purpose in life.

Food for Purpose is a new exciting initiative about eating, living & functioning purposefully! Food for Purpose has a unique approach to health & well-being for the family, by ministering nutritional truths & evidence-based facts to Black minority and ethnic (BME) faith groups and communities.

It is widely reported that ill health plagues many lives, in some cases cutting them short in their prime due to poor choices & lack of knowledge around food & nutrition. The trend among BME communities is of particular concern - with increased numbers of people being diagnosed with Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, hypertension and other related illnesses.

The Food for Purpose team set out to educate and support BME communities, especially faith groups; by translating key health messages around 'prevention and management'; into culturally relevant, practical and understandable education modules which can be followed and included as part of the activities within religious and faith communities.



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